Women of the World Need A Voice!

I am an artist and art professor who is writing a book as the final production of the Essence of Women from Around The World, through oil painting portraits and an interview with each woman.

I have traveled several places around the world and would like to incorporate the faces of women from around the world into an art and literary project.

This project is meant to allow women who have had the challenges of moving away from their own families, cultures and life to discover a life in the United States. For many it is a huge change, however, these women know how to embrace their culture and embrace the United States. Hear how they take the knowledge they grew up with to change the world!

I am recruiting women from around the world who live in the US. I want to interview each of them and take their photograph. The interviews will be in person or through an online connection. I will then paint a portrait of each woman and with her interview; publish a photo of the painting in the book. There will then be an art show with the original paintings and the book, all for sale. Each woman in the book will be an honored guest at the art show.

The project will take 9-12 months to complete and will have short videos posted on the progress on YouTube.

The project will allow women from all over the world to have a voice, to share their experiences living in the United States and share their beauty!

I have women signed up now! The project is moving forward quickly!

10% of the proceeds of the art show AND the sale of the book will go to help women in need!


Angelia Young, angelia@angeliaart.com

View the Facebook website at: https://www.facebook.com/essenceofwomenaroundtheworld

View the Kickstarter Site to support the project: